Kind Hands Respite Care Cottage

Community Involvement is our Passion Building & Fire Services is passionate about the Whangarei and Northland community and loves to …

Building & Fire Services’ New ISO 9001:2015 Certification!

ISO 9001:2015 Certification!

Building & Fire Services (2008) Limited is proud of the work we do and always work to the best standard …

A Millennial Learns About: BWoFs

Infographic showing you (buyer/tenant) and the industry professionals you meet along the way and can get advice from about a BWoF

I’m going to take one for the team and help the both of us learn what exactly a BWoF is. I’ll be interviewing industry professionals (Mike, Managing Director of Building and Fire Services) to discover the whats what and whos who, also the how’s how, why’s why and when’s when, of BWoFs.

How to Keep Safe with Evacuation Schemes and Other Emergency Procedures

People use fire exit during fire evacuation

Fire evacuation schemes in your business are important for keeping safe in an emergency. Learn what is involved in trial evacuations, evacuation schemes, and emergency procedures.

The Importance of Life Skills and Training for Youth

Life Skills

Young People are the Future We live in a society that is ever-changing. In this modern world, the need for …

Hot Works Safety Watch

Hot Works Safety Watch

Yes, we offer fire safety training such as the use of Fire Extinguishers and Suppression, becoming an Emergency or Fire Warden, and general Workplace Safety Awareness, but did you know we also offer a Hot Works and Safety Watch course?

Do you know how to use a Fire Extinguisher?

fire extinguisher

You probably see fire extinguishers everywhere, but do you know how to use one? In this blog, we are going …

Have you heard our Building & Fire Services Ad?

Building and Fire Radio Ad

At Building and Fire Services we pride ourselves on the fact that we are local. As our recent radio ad …

Industry Specific courses

Industry Specific courses

You might not know that building and fire services can create tailor-made courses for your business! Whether you work in the forestry, construction, elderly care, or hospitality industry building and fire services can create a perfect course that is suitable for your workplace.

Workplace Safety Awareness

Workplace Safety Awareness

Having workplace safety awareness is pre-planning and preparing for hazards in the workplace. This can be simple with some tips we have provided to help.

New ECE Industry Specific Emergency Warden course!

ECE Emergency Warden - Online-sm

We are super excited to present one of our newest courses – ECE Industry Specific Emergency Warden. We have worked very hard to ensure this course is interesting and fun as well as relatable and relevant for all teachers and staff

Fire safety training for your company

Give your staff the confidence to act. Businesses that make fire training for employees a priority, are signalling that the company values their safety.

Know your bands from your classes: choosing the right fire extinguisher for you

fire extinguisher

The aim of this post is to give you the know-how and the confidence to extinguish a small fire when it is safe to do so.

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