Dust Explosions

There are 5 conditions for a dust explosion to occur, do you know what they are? Confinement, and air is just two out of the five. Within the course, you will learn about things such as dust explosions, dust combustion, microns and much more. This course covers all aspects and awareness of the possibility of explosions in the workplace and in different industries. The course also covers housekeeping, extraction systems and design methods to help eliminate dust explosions.

Dust hazards can pose potentially catastrophic consequences, from both a property damage and business interruption standpoint, especially when fugitive dust is allowed to accumulate. Workers who are based within a workshop, construction based area are more likely to come across this sort of issue. Regardless of what area/industry you work in though, a dust explosion could occur at any time and knowing about how to avoid one is essential.

To find out more information about the course or to book a course, please contact training@fireprotection.net.nz or 09 430 0498.

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