Fire Extinguisher and Suppression

The Fire Suppression course offers great information around how to suppress a fire whether it be with an extinguisher, a fire blanket or even fire hose reel. The training course has tested and proven methods/examples to learn from. The course can be completed online or face to face. The online course includes demonstrations via video and audio to ensure the student gets a good understanding of Fire Suppression and how it is done. The face to face course on the other hand, includes a practical session where the students can suppress a fire with an extinguisher in a controlled environment.

Our Fire Simulator:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly (LPG fired)
  • Fully mobile so we can come to you
  • No noise, disruption or danger to surrounding areas
  • Allows staff/students to actually use and feel a fire extinguisher on a live fire
  • Staff/Students can visually see how a fire behaves and what heat is released
  • A multitude of props to simulate different fire & evacuation situations

We believe having your staff trained in fire safety ensures all staff feel confident around fire situations allowing them to work in a safer environment and ultimately it can assist in saving lives and property.

To find out more information about the course or to book a course, please contact or 09 430 0498

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