Hot Works and Safety Watch

The Hot Works course explains the dangers of completing hot works which could include the use of a grinder, welder, soldering iron, etc. It identifies the safety gear that the operator must be wearing when completing hot works and key tips on using a hot works instrument.

The course includes information around a Hot Works Permit, how to get one and why you will need one. It also goes into further detail about a Safety Watch, the responsibilities they have and why the operator should have one standing by. The course has been intensely researched to ensure the safety information and regulations within the course are correct and up to date.

As well as learning about Hot Works and Safety Watch, you will learn about hazard controls and how to eliminate, isolate and minimise the risk factors. You will also learn about the Fire Triangle, Poor Controls, Hot Work Myths and much more.

To find out more information about the course or to book a course, please contact or 09 430 0498.

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