ECE Industry Specific – Emergency Warden

Within a childcare centre, being a ‘Fire Warden’ is simply not enough, staff are required to be an Emergency Warden and know what to do in any possible emergency situation. An emergency situation could be anything including a natural disaster, bomb threat, missing child or physical endangerment. Knowing what protocol and procedures to follow in one of these situations is imperative to ensure the safety of the children and the staff at the centre.

We recognised the importance of knowing what to do in any given emergency situation, therefore, we have created an Emergency Warden Course that is specific to the Early Childhood Education industry which covers all of the above topics and more! This industry specific course has a workbook with visual, audio and written material so the staff/teacher completing the course can view the examples, procedures and information in different ways and get a better understanding of the material presented. This ensures that all learning styles are covered and the course is interactive. After the workbook is completed, there is a quiz at the end. If the person completing the course gains a 95% or more pass rate, there is a certificate that is automatically generated that states they have passed the course. There is also a downloadable reference booklet that all the teachers/staff completing the course can download and keep to use within their workplace.

We are really excited about being able to present this course and truly believe that this training is invaluable to all teachers in New Zealand. This course is available online which means teachers who are on the floor all day with children don’t have to be pulled away from work to go to training. They can complete the course after hours or in their ‘non-contact’ hours each week as the online course is available 24/7.   This course can also be completed face to face for teachers who prefer this method of training.

To find out more information about how we can assist you with your training requirements or to book a course, please contact or 09 430 0498.

Childcare Emergency Warden Course Brochure – ECE Industry – Emergency Warden Course

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